Saturday, March 17, 2018

Nick & Gene, 11 Years Later

Each year on the 14th of March, we remember two of our officers killed in the line of duty. We begin at the 6th Precinct where they served. Parents and family members light a candle under the plaque commemorating their lives, their service and their deaths. Then we walk to the corner of Bleecker and Sullivan Streets a few blocks away for another brief ceremony. This year the Police Commissioner and several Chiefs joined.  It was a good turnout. 

Nick and Gene were good guys and their deaths probably save other lives. At least we hope so. 

 Nick was 28. Gene was 19.

 Rest easy my brothers.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Shana Tova!

Shana – Tova:

  1. Common mispronunciation of the name of an elderly rock group, last seen on their own television show sometime in 1972.
  2. Ancient Tibetan admonishment that roughly translates as “May you loose all your teeth except one, you should have a root canal”
  3. My birthday celebration earlier today. I told them not to do anything too elaborate, but you know how that goes. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

One Hour Photo

Saturday, January 20, 2018

S & P Index

Today's Women's March: OK, so for most of the last few weeks the temperature in New York City has hit the teens, the lower teens. And we had snow. And when it got warmer, we had freezing rain. Same is in the forecast for next week. But for today's march, we had sun, lots of sun and temps up in the 50's. OK? So I'm not saying there is any connection here. I am also not ready to quit being an atheist just because of the weather. On the the other hand, when this many women are really pissed off, there could maybe be some chance that they just might be able to make stuff happen. Hey, I really don't think they can effect the weather. Really. But if all these women were really pissed off at me, well, I just might be a bit worried. Maybe a lot worried. Just saying.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Year (more or less) In Snapshots

It is a Too-Cold-To-Go-Out-Unless-I-Absolutely-Have-To day which, I suppose, is also a reminder of past frosts when I used to think nothing of a 5 mile trek to school through the snow, up hill in both directions, carrying a sack of rocks and our orphaned goat. But that was another time and has nothing to do with this post.

This morn I have been idly scrolling though past snapshots, my year in song as it were, and decided to post half a dozen random favorites. I am pretty sure most have been up on this blog over the year, so I won't bother with captions; if you really need to know, just scroll down. OK, one note: the babe in the first frame was a dancer at the dance parade who I never met before (or since) but who I remember fondly on account of she came up to me with that beautiful smile, kissed me then danced away.  A great moment in photography.

And finally, a note to those of you who I somehow managed to miss when it came to extending my wishes for a joyful new year: better luck next year.

Remember The Maine!

............and yeah, smart ass, there are 8 shots, 
not half a dozen, 
but it's my blog and
 I can spell it any way I want!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Times Square New Year's Eve 9:15 AM

According to the last report, it was 14 degrees in Times Square this morning when I got out of the subway. I am not really sure of the temperature, but within 10 minutes any exposed skin was numb, my camera was starting to freeze up and my eyes hurt. And I made these snapshots of some really hard working folks.  I would have shot more, but it really was too painful. Meantime, on the other side of the Square, lines were just starting to form. These were not working people; they were the unfortunates who intended to stand at the barricades for the next 15 hours. I believe most are Trump supporters. There are no restrooms for them to use.  If they leave, they will not be permitted to return. They are demented and therefore should not be mocked. With luck, they will not be contributing to the gene pool. It was too cold to hang around shooting any more. If you are interested, they can seen between commercials on tonight's TV coverage.

Special directive by the New York City Police Department to cops assigned to New Year's Eve in Times Square: “A winter knit hat is now authorized as an optional uniform item for all uniformed members of the service.. The approved optional winter knit hat must be navy blue in color with ‘NYPD’ embroidered on the front in white one inch block lettering,”
(Presumably knit caps adorned with pom-poms, team logos or furry animal parts will once again not be allowed)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ancient Catskill Site