Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"Behold and Go Forth!"

In a century old tradition, on this, the holiest day of the Christian calender the faithful from around the world come to New York City to gather in worship at the Cathedral of St. Patrick. This year I was deeply honored by being the first photographer permitted to photograph the Grand Procession of Communicants. I have selected a few images that I feel capture a small part of this year's recounting of this solemn event. 

In the words of St.Galapagos Letter To The Revisionists: “Behold and go forth in rudiments of randiment and be ye by this known and therefore unto all and one for on this day you shall indeed!”

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Carol Rainey said...

Those are all wonderful and wonderfully strange. Almost surreal - a few. I must say that I've never seen an Easter parade that even vaguely resembled yours!

I don't entirely understand the quotation. It seems to end without a predicate following the subject....